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6686 nghĩa là gì_ Cơn giận của HLV Hoàng Anh Tuấn & bài học từ U23 Indonesia cho U23 Việt Nam

HLV Hoàng Anh Tuấn’s Anger

HLV Hoàng Anh Tuấn expressed his emotions after the U23 Vietnam’s 4-2 victory over U23 Mongolia, saying, “I have two things to emphasize. First, I am satisfied with the score. Second, I am very angry about the silly mistakes that led to yellow cards. I am not happy at all… If the players continue to play like this, U23 Vietnam might be heading home early. That’s why I am still very angry“.

Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn has every reason to be upset. In this match, U23 Vietnam made many mistakes, resulting in unnecessary yellow cards. Moreover, the team made two costly mistakes leading to two conceded goals. It shows a lack of focus from U23 Vietnam.

Fortunately, we were not fully concentrated against such a weak opponent. Despite conceding two goals, we still won by scoring four. But what if we lack concentration against strong opponents like Iran or Saudi Arabia? Losing would likely be the only outcome!

U23 Vietnam’s victory leaves many concerns. In this match, the team showed poor performance, particularly in terms of mentality and concentration. Fortunately, Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn immediately recognized the issues that need to be addressed. Most of these problems stem from attitude and focus. And Tuấn has the strength to help his players improve in a short period of time.

Due to his strong and determined coaching style, Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn scolded his players during the post-match press conference, as mentioned above!

It is believed that after this unconvincing victory, being scolded by their coach, U23 Vietnam players will play with better focus against U23 Iran.

Coach Tuấn recently took to social media to express his confidence in his players performing well against U23 Iran and subsequently against U23 Saudi Arabia. He said, “ 6686 nghĩa là gì_I know the fans are worried about unfavorable scenarios for Olympic Vietnam and advise me to avoid heavy defeat, aim for a draw, or try to earn 1 point in the next 2 matches. But why don’t we dare to think that Olympic Vietnam will advance to the next round in an honorable way?“.

Although I know it will be difficult when facing opponents like Iran and Saudi Arabia, who have higher skill levels and experience, while we have the youngest average age in the tournament. However, since we have come this far, we are not afraid of any opponent. Let’s correct our mistakes, be humble, respect them, but also be aware of our own capabilities and dignity to move forward honorably“.

6686 nghĩa là gì_The Lesson from U23 Indonesia for U23 Vietnam

The mental weaknesses of U23 Vietnam can be addressed by Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn soon. And when facing stronger opponents, it is believed that the players themselves will not be complacent as they were against U23 Mongolia – a very weak team in Group B.

However, we cannot deny the skill gap between us and Iran, Saudi Arabia. Their U23 teams are superior to ours in general. So, winning or losing will depend on how both sides approach the match, apply tactics, and execute them, along with other factors such as luck and specific plays.

Regarding the match approach and tactical application, U23 Vietnam can look at a very vivid example: U23 Indonesia’s 2-0 victory over U23 Kyrgyzstan last night.

U23 Indonesia also had a lower level compared to U23 Kyrgyzstan and was practically forced to play defensively and counter-attack. The young Indonesian players defended solidly and punished their opponents with two shining moments from Rumakiek and Hugo Samir.

Playing defensively and counter-attacking sensibly is not something negative. Hopefully, at 7 PM on September 21st, Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn will apply a suitable strategy against U23 Iran, so that we can at least secure a draw, or even achieve a victory!

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